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1910 & Microsoft

Microsoft and 1910 Genetics have partnered to build the most powerful and fully integrated AI-driven drug discovery and development platform with the goal of demonstrating significant cost and time savings for pharmaceutical companies engaged in the discovery and development of small and large molecule therapeutics.

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1910 uses its platform to design, manufacture, test, and deliver a small or large molecule drug candidate meeting your pre-specified drug-like properties.

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Collaborate with 1910 at the level of data, AI models, optimized compute and interactive tools (e.g., dashboards, conversational chatbots, etc.) to engineer bespoke small or large molecule discovery modules that you can use in your organization.

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Directly access software modules that are part of our small and large molecule drug discovery platform.

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Asset Licensing

Lead compounds discovered by 1910 Genetics are licensed to strategic partners for further development.

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Our biotechnology company is built of equal parts computational and biology experts, as well as seasoned drug discovery executives who have put drugs in the clinic and brought drugs to market.

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